Yog Front Organization

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Yog Front Organization
ਯੋਗ ਫ੍ਰੰਟ ਸੰਸਥਾ
Yog Front Organization
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योग फ्रन्ट संस्था का चिह्न
FormationApril 23, 2020; 2 years ago (2020-०४-23)
Founderयोगाचार्य विनय पुष्करणा
Founded atकादियां भारत
Merger ofअखिल भारतीय योग चिकित्सक संघ
पुष्करणा रिसर्च एसोसिएशन फॉर नैच्रल ऐड
Typeगैर-लाभकारी संगठन|गैर-लाभकारी
Registration no.PB/2021/0290185 [१]
Purposeमानवाधिकार,सशक्तिकरण, शिक्षा, योग , रोजगार, अनुसंधान, प्रकाशन, चिकित्सा, खेल
रोशन कुमार पाठक
विकास शर्मा
रूपा रावत
पूजा तिवारी
Key people
इरविंद्र कौर
राखी त्यागी
भूषण महेश्रे
अमनदीप कौर
विपनदीप थापर
डिम्पल रानी
सुधा भाटिया
Affiliationsभारत सरकार नीति आयोग नेहरू युवा केंद्र संगठन फिट इंडिया
Formerly called
योग फ्रन्ट
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Yoga Front Organization [२] Created in early 2020. This institution initially started from Qadian, a small town in the Punjab province, with the aim of bringing a credibility and rules in the field of yoga. Initially, the organization sought information from the India government through the Right to Information Act 2005 to gather a wealth of information in the field of Yoga. In which the obstacles and disorganized structure in the field of yoga were kept under consideration. Finding solutions to problems also involved more people who were educated in yoga but were unemployed. The reason for their unemployment was wrong policies and occupation of this sector by some capitalists. Keeping this in mind, in the year 2021, this organization started to work all over India and many unemployed members of Yoga from India started joining. This organization of yoga teachers, yoga seekers, yoga lovers is working to deliver yoga from house to house through Yoga Front family and to achieve its goal, the policy of the organization is to give justice only to the highly educated yoga teachers. It is not our job but also our duty to do public welfare through them. Yoga Front has been working on this policy for the last one year and has been organizing many social and public welfare programs.

About the institution

This institution was functioning at the state level before it came into existence at the Indian level in 2021. Institutions first developed into a movement that operated through the website in the time of Lockdown. Amandeep Kaur and Dimple Rani worked as the president and vice president of the organization to run the affairs of the organization at the state level. Over time, more and more people joined the organization and the organization which was operating in the state of Punjab registered under the name of Yoga Front, gradually became known as "Yoga Front Institution" while operating all over India. The organization is registered under the Government of India Act 1860 as well as other departments of the Government of India including Fit India, Policy Commission, Nehru Youth Center Organization etc. The organization is not only fighting for employment but is also working on employment and empowerment of yoga teachers, the information of which is given on their website in which yoga teachers are being connected and empowered through various projects. .

Slogan (motto)

The slogan selected by the organization is taken from Mandal 10 Sukat 191 verse 4 of Rig Veda which is as follows
'Samani va aakuti: samana hridayani va: samanavastu wo mano yatha va: sushasati.' - Rigveda 10/191/4 [३]
Which means' One should be our purpose, one should be our coherent feeling. Let our thoughts be gathered, as if everything is in unity in this world. "

If we talk only about the slogan, then this slogan is from a verse of Rig Veda which not only speaks of joining but also the summary of yoga is included in it. Other parts of this verse also explain the law and human rights, so this verse is in itself a Vedic evidence showing the work, determination and policy of the Yoga Front. That is why it is said that the organization has made it the motto of its organization.


In the formation of the organization, the founder and other members, paying very close attention to the rules and laws, before starting each work, the registration work was completed very carefully, completing the necessary documents and permission letters. According to the information received, the organization is registered with the following departments and institutions and has also entered into treaties with some institutions:-

  1. The Society is a registered organization at the national level under the Government of India Act 1860
  2. The organization was registered in 2021 by NITI Aayog, Government of India
  3. In the year 2021 itself, the organization became a part of India's largest youth organization Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan
  4. The organization is a part of the Fit India campaign run by the Sports Department of the Government of India and is also certified by them
  5. The organization applied to get the ISSN registration in 2021
  6. The organization started work in 2021 by joining hands with 2 affiliate companies of India


Founder Yog Front

The creator of Yoga Front is "Yogacharya Vinay Pushkarna" who is a very humble and sweet-natured person living in Punjab province, he did a lot of work for the promotion and spread of Yoga and he was the first There are Yogacharyas who on the first yoga day Ahmadiya Muslim got thousands of people of Jamaat to do yoga on every day. The program in which BJP leader Avinash Rai Khanna himself was present and this program was broadcast on many national and international news channels. Not only this, many camps are organized by him from time to time for the welfare of the people.
He explains his purpose behind forming the "Yoga Front Organization" that some capitalists and some officials are busy occupying the field of yoga, due to which the yoga teachers educated in yoga are unemployed and they are exploited by the authorities. It is being done, which is very immoral and shameful. Seeing this, he decided to fight for the interests of yoga teachers and created this organization. To get more information about Yogacharya Vinay Pushkarna, if you look at his past time, he came to Yoga in 2002 when he was a student in a school. He has worked in many reputed institutes after getting his post graduate education. He worked as a yoga practitioner from 2011 to 2013 Punjab at a prestigious Ayurveda educational institution in the province named Sri Lakshmi Narayan Ayurvedic College and Hospital. Along with this, he has contributed in many social welfare works, in which his yoga camps and free medical consultation are the main ones. And for the welfare of yoga teachers in the institution, they are working on new projects, in which programs and projects like Bapu, Aparajay, Ayesha, Diya, Uday are their contribution. Apart from Yoga, Ayurveda, if we see, then he also has a lot of knowledge of technology and computer and Vinay Pushkarna has supported many organizations like Yoga Front Institute and earlier Vipra Sanstha, Pushkarna Research Association for Natural Aid and Krida Bharti Punjab on the basis of technology.


The president of this organization is Mr. Roshan Kumar Pathak, a resident of Harkesh Nagar Dakshin Delhi, who was selected through the democratic process on 23 February 2021 and was elected the first national level President of the organization. Roshan Pathak ji is a post graduate in Yoga and has also received graduate education in the subject Political Science. After his arrival in the organization, many works intensified and it was through him that the organization got its first patron.
Roshan Pathak, being a student of political science, is known for a good leadership and has a good hold in yoga after post-graduation in the subject of yoga, so has worked to bring a positive change in the field of yoga, in which he has [[political] ]] Organizations have been contacted, ministers, departments have been contacted and problems of yoga teachers have been placed before all the well-known scholars and organizations of yoga.
In future, Yoga teachers do not have to face problems regarding employment, so that the entire team of Yoga Front organization is taking priority to bring law in the field of Yoga, for which many efforts are being made and As the President of the organization, these efforts are being made under his guidance according to a strategy in which everyone gets employment according to their qualifications. Therefore, some time ago Roshan Kumar Pathak has also become a part of an international research institute and through which he is also working to bring a revolution in the field of Yoga.

Yoga Front Committees, Departments and Members

Talking about the departments and members of Yoga Front Society, the information of the members of the organization received till 21st May 2021 is as follows:-

Society's committees and members
Name of member Committee Name of member Committee
Yogacharya Jyoti Mishra Consultant Dr. Kuldeep Malik custodian
Yugdeep Mishra Human Rights Dr. Kamal Jyoti custodian
Yogacharya Om Prakash Kalwa Human Rights Geeta Sharma custodian
Yogacharya Ram Prakash Human Rights Yogacharya Rakesh Bhardwaj human rights
Yashoda Rajput Consultant Jyoti Gupta Consultant
Jyoti Gupta Consultant Yoga Raj Sharma Consultant
Departments and officers of the institution
Name of member Department Name of member Department
Yogacharya Irvindra Kaur cultural Yogacharya Sudha Bhatia Tourism
Yogacharya Neha Technical Rakhi Tyagi administrative
Yogacharya Amandeep Kaur Uday Yogacharya Dimple Rani s r u
Yogacharya Vipan Thapar Ayesha Yogacharya Bhushan Maheshre digital promotion
Abhishek Bhatti Legal Consultant Gautam Singh financial advisor
Mohan Lal Arora Uday Sweety Sharma cultural

According to the above table, information about some departments and some committees of Yoga Front organization is received, this information is before 21 May 2021. According to an information, it was found that apart from this Yoga Front organization is also working on many other departments and committees, part of which is available on the organization's website. The Yoga Front organization selects the central members on the basis of the level of qualification, education, ability, knowledge of the members, which are formed keeping in view the work done by them at the district and state level. The first level in the Yoga Front organization is that of the Yoga Front Family, where Yoga can be easily connected to the Front Organization, through which both Yoga experts and Yoga lovers become part of a family. After the yoga front family, the yoga experts are promoted and given jobs and positions, after which the members are selected at the state level after evaluation.

Organization's Work

Although the organization has done a lot of work and is doing continuous work, which includes dialogue and dialogue with the government, but along with this, making people aware and giving knowledge to people about yoga and some important work to connect them with yoga. The list of some of the works being carried out is available below.

Memorandum to Delhi Government

A letter was given to the Delhi government by the organization, demanding justice from the yoga experts who have been educated in the field of yoga, raising the demand that yoga should be kept as a main subject in the Delhi Education Board. The MLA of Delhi government also demanded from the government on this matter should be heard at the earliest and an action plan should be made for this. [४]

Ayush Talks

For the first time in India, a program was run by the organization in which people were introduced to all Indian medical systems, in which experts were called from all the prestigious educational institutions of the concerned subject of India and people were made aware by them which method how to work. where and where it is available. This program was appreciated by many departments. [५]

I pleads

A project named Eye Pales was run by the organization, through which the oath was given to make yoga an integral part of life in the whole of India, as well as it was also administered that yoga will be done only through yoga teachers with higher education in yoga and in the field of yoga. We support the demand for a law to come. In this project, people took Sapta giving their support and they were also given Sapta certificates by the organization. [६]

Yoga Kanti Project

A large-scale demand was raised by the Yoga Front regarding the law in Yoga, which was named Yog Kanti Project. This demand was taken to the officials of the government and sent to the ministers and legislators. After which the government officials were asked to prepare a draft of a law, on which a draft was prepared with the help of some lawyers, yoga experts, former IAS officers of all the officers of the Yoga Front organization and a plan was made to send it to the government. is working. The organization says that if this law is passed, no yoga expert will starve and everyone will get employment and salary according to their qualifications. It was also told by the organization that yoga has been divided into six areas, through which so many employment opportunities will be available that jobs will be more but yoga teachers will study the work. [७]


While the Yoga Front organization is progressing positively, at some places the Yoga Front organization is also studying to face opposition and problems.

Yoga Certification Board (Ministry of AYUSH)

It has been put on a large scale by the Yoga Front that the Yoga Certification Board is working in the field of yoga in an unethical way, in which educated yoga teachers are being exploited, whereas without getting academic education in yoga, people can do yoga quickly. is being established in the field of like

  1. Government officials are busy collecting money through this
  2. What is the education of the officers and other members of this department?
  3. Do experts in Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy also prepare on the same lines?
  4. Without any minimum yoga education, how can you make them equal to graduate and post graduate people?
  5. why is this being imposed regularly
  6. Crores of rupees have been collected through this, share their information

On the above questions asked by the organization some people started to mislead and pretend that Yoga Front organization is against YCB (which was earlier QCI) and hence is misleading everyone. After which the Yoga Front organization had to come forward and clarify its view that the Yoga Front organization is not against YCB in any way nor does it want to be closed, but we want to bring it with the right criteria for which we work. are doing. Presently and already, many yoga teachers have suffered due to this wrong criteria, so keeping in mind this should not happen to the yoga teachers who come forward in future also, under the Yoga Front Yog Kanti Project, the government has requested for Yoga. Seeking legislation in the area. In which he has talked about giving permanent employment to the people who have got YCB certificate. After which YCB accomplished yoga assistants also started coming forward to join the Yoga Front organization.

All India Federation of Yoga Teachers

Registration Certificate Federation

Last year, the founder of Yoga Front Organization (when Yoga Front organization was working at a state level) contributed to the creation of a national level organization through Yoga Front organization, supporting a yoga equation being formed at the national level. Diya whose name was folded to be "All India Yoga Teachers Federation". In which the present members of the Yoga Front contributed a lot and gave the organization an outline and national identity. In November, the demand for bringing a law in the field of yoga was put forward by the founder Yoga Front, after which some people agreed with that demand, some disagreed. The members of the agreeing party began to pursue this demand, protesting against which the dissenting members of the Federation of All India Yoga Teachers accused the organization of forming an organization within the organization. In the meantime, when the matter of registration of All India Yoga Teachers Federation arose, it came to the fore that no organization is registered with this name, so in January, the members of the Yoga Front organization parted ways with the demand of law in their yoga. Which was strongly opposed by the Federation of All India Yoga Teachers and many programs were done only in opposition to the Yoga Front organization and propaganda was done to malign the name of the Yoga Front organization. When the Yoga Front organization did not give any answer in its opposition, it was said that they do not have any answer, so they are hiding. But after some time, other officers of All India Yoga Teachers Federation protested within the federation itself, due to which many members were told that they were not part of the federation and many members left the federation, which was also blamed on the Yoga Front organization. The people of the federation were made a yoga front. Meanwhile, when the issue of registration of the federation was raised by the members who had left the federation, a fake registration certificate was circulated by the president, about which the truth came to light after a long time, then it came to the fore that an organization named All India Yoga Teachers Federation Not even registered. And for this reason people started moving out of this organization, after which in April 2021 it was registered as a section 8 company and its name was changed to abyogsms foundation. Whose director Mangesh Trivedi and Monica Sharma became, but in this, people have always left us because of the Yoga Front, which was always alleged by the organization president and many such allegations were raised which later proved to be baseless. [८]


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